We are modern men, here at Collar Club. We know that masculinity is not about beating one’s chest and howling at the moon like a primitive caveman.  Which is why we are happy to admit that we are very partial to a cake or two. Sweet, tasty, delicious cakes and tarts, not to mention exquisite […]

Hello and welcome, intrepid and worldly gentlemen of the world wide web, to the latest installment of The Loafer, Collar Club’s regular guide to the finest ways to spend your scant (but oh so important) leisure time. As aficionados (or perhaps simply curious observers) of the work we at Collar Club do, you’ll know that quality and luxury […]

Whether by day, by night or by dusk, there is something stunningly beautiful about our capital’s skylines. Granted, it may not have the sheer abundance of skyscrapers to compete with the likes of New York, but what it perhaps lacks in scale, it more than makes up for in character. Silhouetted against a sheet grey, […]

Hello and welcome once more to The Loafer, our regular column on the best ways for we gents to unwind. As ever, we have collected up a range of luxurious and interesting ways for the busy gentleman to leave the stresses and strains of the working week behind — whether he has just a few […]

Your suits might be impeccable. Your shirts, if they have a Collar Club label stitched inside them, definitely will be. Your shoes could be polished and hand-made and exquisite. But if your tie is terrible, none of that matters. An ugly tie can undo an outfit in an instant. That’s why this week’s How To […]

So far in Details of the City, we’ve focused on life above ground in LDN — but today, we’re turning our attentions to life below; to the busy and urgent world of the underground network. London’s Victorian subterranean transport system is so full of history and intrigue, that it is worthy of study in its […]

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Loafer. This week our focus is on quick stress-relievers; items and ideas designed to help the time-poor gentleman with a lot on his plate find a little peace, among the chaos. Peruse this list, and however stressful the working week may become, you are sure to feel a little […]